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Snowy's journey to becoming a Poochtraveller

I was born in 2013 in a town somewhere in the north-east of England (not sure exactly where!) My first home was with a nice couple but I didn’t see a lot of them as they were always at work. I was only with them for 18 months so I don’t remember a lot, only that they had a door bell, played football with me and had lots of small visitors who made a fuss of me.

I went on holiday to a Dog’s Trust Hotel in Darlington and ended up sharing a room with 2 Beagles – they weren’t very exciting! I was bit lively and liked to bark and bounce really high – which is maybe why they put me in with those 2 sleepy hounds!

I’d been there for a few weeks when my new owners came to collect me and took me to my new home. It was very different to my old one. No door-bell! No small people! No traffic! And the food was different. There were some new things though; woods and rivers, small furry animals to chase, bigger, faster dogs that disappeared into the woods (deer!) and some giants that I really wasn’t sure about (horses!). To be honest it was all a bit scary. I got to run free and often lost sight of my new owners but they always managed to find me so I was never too worried (note: we were completely stressed and purchased a “tracker” device for her to wear).

I eventually got used to all the new stuff and really started enjoying myself. I made loads of new dog pals – we got along much better once I stopped barking at them! But then things started getting a bit more exciting...!

The adventures usually involve me getting into the big tin box (car). Lots of bags, toys and treats come too so I don’t complain. If I get a bit too excited or stressed I have my blanket I can chew on until things calm down.

We go to lots of new places with different smells. It’s exciting but always nice to get back into my own bed with my things.

I love jumping out of the tin box and exploring somewhere new for the first time. Often we get into a small space that moves (lift!) and then through a door to one room where we all stay together (the pack!). It’s great – I can relax as I know exactly where they are all of the time!

Sometimes I get a whole new house and garden to explore – although I’m not too sure about the big blue wet thing (swimming pool) so I’m careful not to get too close.  One of my favourite places to visit is the big open sandy space near the water. I love to sprint around in circles before chasing and biting the waves – never manage to catch them!

One of the best things about our holidays is getting to spend 24/7 with my humans. I know they’ll keep me safe and there’s nothing to worry about. Most people are nice and make a fuss of me and the other dogs I get to meet are friendly too. I can’t understand a word they say mind...

Holidays are the best!

Love Snowy

(the original Poochtraveller)

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